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My best friend on a wedding anniversary safari- stopover at mum's

My best friend on her wedding anniversary safari- stopover at mum’s


Hi, welcome to my blog! My name is Rose. I’m currently a PhD student at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois working on prostate cancer research. Before that, I worked as a research scientist and also in communications for the Department of Emerging Infectious Diseases (DEID) of the US-Army Medical Research Unit – Kenya (USAMRU-K). I love science and I also love to write and I have pursued these two paths either together or separately for most of my life. I got my MSc from the Seoul National University in South Korea and did my undergraduate at the JKUAT university in Kenya my country oforigin. My biggest interest at heart is Africa’s development and I hope to explore different sub-themes within this larger theme in my blog.

Today for instance I happened to watch the most inspiring TED talk http://www.ted.com/talks/neil_turok_makes_his_ted_prize_wish#t-410932 on African development by Prof. Neil Turok a Cambridge professor who was born in South Africa and educated at Cambridge. Turok came back to Africa and founded the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Muizenberg, a postgraduate center supporting math and science in 2003. His TED Prize wish in 2008: Help him grow AIMS and promote the study of math and science in Africa, so that the world’s next Einstein may be African. In his own words Turok said, “the only people who can fix Africa are talented young Africans. By unlocking and nurturing their creative potential we can create a step change in Africa’s future. Over time, they will contribute to Africa’s development and to science in ways we can only imagine.” I couldn’t agree more!

Africa can do better and should do better. I have been blessed to get all the opportunities I have had. I am grateful but I also feel heavily indebted. For my three degrees, I was educated with scholarships/grants of tax payer money in the different countries (Kenya, South Korea and now the US). In this blog, I hope to document the journey of my life as I try to give back in any and every way that I can. Some of it will be about my past works and some will be about future initiatives while the rest will just be musings on issues of the day. About African development, I totally agree when they say; “it starts with me,” but I hope to inspire you too along the way.

Contact Info: Of course you can leave me a comment on the blog, you would have to click on an individual post to do that. Alternatively, email me at rosenyawirah@gmail.com.



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Oral Presentation: Rose N. Njoroge, Eyako K. Wurapa, John N. Waitumbi, Robert F. Breiman, M. Kariuki Njenga 2011. The etiology of febrile illness in patients presenting to Garissa Provincial Hospital in North Eastern Province, Kenya. ASTMH, 2011 Philadelphia, USA.

Poster Presentation: P. Quatrini, R. Nyawira, A.M. Brucculeri and A.M. Puglia 2006. Identification of a large catabolic plasmid in Arhtrobacter ramosus FG1. 1st Mediterranean Congress on Biotechnology, Tunisia.

Select Public Health Articles Written for Popular Media: 

1. Kenya: Vaccine Could Reduce Cervical Cancer Deaths. Rose Nyawira Njoroge for AllAfrica.com and The Guardian, UK. Posted on 31st May 2012.

2.  AIDS still a mystery despite numerous medical exploits. Rose Nyawira Njoroge and Dr. Matilu Mwau Daily Nation DN2 magazine cover. On November 16th 2011.

3. Research paints a picture of a nation in denial about the presence of homosexuals. Rose Nyawira Njoroge; National News, Daily Nation. On December 24th 2009.

4. Why Malaria Vaccine is a World First. Rose Nyawira NjorogeNews; The East African November 23-29th 2009.

5. Obama’s Move Changing Face of Family Planning: On President’s Obama’s lift of the Global Gag Rule. Rose Nyawira NjorogeNews Feature; Reproductive Health on Saturday Nation on July 11th 2009

6. “The Part I Can Play.” One Kenyan man’s experience of actively taking part in promoting his family’s reproductive health: Vasectomy. Rose Nyawira NjorogeLiving Magazine, Daily Nation On July 1st 2009.

7. Swine Flu: The Concept of Zoonosis. Rose Nyawira NjorogeNational News, Daily Nation On June 30th 2009.

8. Unique café idea that aims to root out fatal ignorance among women: On the Kenyan Science Cafes. Rose Nyawira Njoroge; Special Feature; Health Matters, Daily Nation On March 31st 2009

Meet The Family: 

Three generations of my family

Three generations of my family







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