Always interesting to read articles on how the West perceives Africa.

Puzzled Boss Lady

Not that I was surprised of the reactions to my first blog posting – after all I provoked it.  Some public and especially private comments to my open criticism on dysfunctional infrastructure in Africa clearly missed the point.  Poor and ill-fitting technology is not an African problem, but a global one. Force feeding unfit systems to societies and communities without considering the social aspects and implications is simply ridiculous. Technology is not synonymous to development, not even in the New Africa.

Yet, I am ever more puzzled.  Nearly ten years after Wainaina’s satirist essay on ‘How to Write about Africa’   we – the community of African scholars, researchers, practitioners and activists in the Nordic countries – are still on the defense mode. We find it difficult to present criticism towards African continent and its development.  Or could we now be attracted to flirting with the Big Capital and believe that…

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